Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Practice Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

It is undisputed that the wonders of a cell / or Smartphone. But the lack of manners using the phones makes other angry. No one can deny that too. How many times have we caught glaring at a person who is crying on the phone on the bus or subway? Or that guy who always forgets to turn off the power at the movies and he plays well in the middle of the movie? But what really bothers you? Conversations our friends did a survey of readers to find out exactly what are the most annoying situations. Here are the unique results.
The number of responses was quite significant, which means that the cell phone etiquette is something that concerns everyone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Import the Posts / Articles in Blogger

You can easily shift your blog post from one blog to another blog address. There are two easy steps to shift your blog posts, pages and posts label. The steps are

Export your blog posts from blog
Import your blog to other blog address

I have already write an artical on 1st step

" How to Export blogger posts "

How to Export/Back Up the Posts/Articles from Blogger

Do you know that you can save your blog on your computer's hard drive and recover all posts with their labels and all comments of your blog from Blogger/BlogSpot platform in minutes with a few clicks ?
We must have the back up of our every blog. So, when any failures happen with our beloved blogs we have any alternate to recover our blog. I recommend you to always backup of your post at the end of every month. 
The steps of recovery of posts, comments and labels are given below:

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Blog Disappeared! What should I do?

Your BlogSpot blog was deleted / erased, disappeared from your Blogger account  or disappeared from the web? I know that it is very difficult to suffer such conditions. Now please calm down because in life everything is not going to be constant. Now, calm down. While scary, this means not always a tragedy and not the end of your career pro blogger.
There are several reasons for a blog be deleted, and the most common one is that it is considered a “Blog Spam”
In March this year, Teilor wrote a post showing the reasons why Google deletes blogs that are not in accordance with the Policy Content Blogger.

Google can delete my blog from Blogger / Blogspot?

The answer to the question of the title of this post is YES! But Google does not delete blogs indiscriminately and without good reason (do not be evil, remember?). If your blog has been erased / deleted / excluded, of course Google had any reason to do so.
Before we continue with the subject of the post, I want to say that blogs deleted by Google can not be recovered, no matter how much the blog owner cry, kick, swear at or threaten.

Friday, July 29, 2011

What is blogging? How can we use it?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web page and anyone can set up a blog in minutes. on blog you can share your thoughts, your experience and many more. There are two ways to host your blog on the web one is to pay for your blog hosting and other is free blog hosting.
Example is an example of the free hosting blog. )
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